Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Put your new shoes on...

You have been sticking religiously to your new diet for weeks and can feel the pounds coming off slowly but surely. Each week equals a new buckle hole on your trusty belt, (which now has a functional purpose as well as cosmetic!) and you have just bought that beautiful, slinky dress that you have been eyeing up for weeks. Life could not get any better, could it?

Suddenly, a feeling of dread washes over you, with the image of the diet bandwagon in the horizon, you in the gutter after being boldly jolted off. Now what has caused this feeling of overpowering anxiety you ask? Socialising. With the temptation of calorie laden, three course meals and the never-ending flow of wine, socialising can be deemed as the dieter’s nemesis, threatening to undo all the hard work of the past few weeks. However, dieting shouldn’t turn you from a flourishing social butterfly to a jittering hermit, you just have to make the right choices! You don’t need to have an list of excuses by the phone in preparation for any last-minute dinner invites (my husband/mum/dog is sick, etc.) and neither is there a need to quiver in the corner with a glass of water whilst everyone is tucking into delicious meals; you can enjoy your night out without feeling guilty the next morning; just be prepared! 

When ordering, stick to tomato-based dishes as opposed to cream-based and avoid eating from the bread basket! If ordering chicken dishes don’t be afraid to ask for it grilled and stock up on your veg for your side instead of ordering heavy carbs. When choosing your drinks stick to white wine and spirits and steer clear from dark liquors, calorie laden ciders and sugary alco-pops. Drink a glass of water between your drinks or dilute your white wine with diet lemonade, a lovely spritzer that halves your calories! You can even have dessert just go for the healthy dessert like meringue nests filled with lots of fresh fruit. Eating out should not be the bane of a dieter’s life but be embraced. By placing yourself in situations where you are challenged you can build confidence in making the right food choices away from the comfort of your home. Healthy eating is an education and restaurants can put you to the test but as with all tests, be prepared and you will be ready for any hurdles that may come your way; you wouldn’t go into an exam without revising and the same is for dieting!

So ditch the trainers for a night on the tiles without worrying about tipping the scales the next day. Besides, why work so hard to fit into that beautiful slinky dress if you don’t get a chance to show it off? So be safe in the knowledge that your ever-decreasing butt can still be secure on the back of the diet bandwagon, even with a glass of sauvignon in hand.

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