Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Liquid diet? Liquid hell!

A smart man once said, ‘There are no shortcuts to any place worth going’ and the words of Earl Nightingale still ring true today- particularly when it comes to diet and fitness. 

Coming into the summer I have noticed a noticeable increase in ads for ‘quick-fix’ weight-loss… You know the ones- ‘I lost 4 stone in 5 weeks- find out my secret!’, ‘Ditch the gym and get ripped in 2 weeks with this one tip!’ and ‘Who has time for the gym? Lose 3 dress sizes in a month’. 

Although it is in our nature to go for the quick route, there is no point in papering over the cracks: Yes, you may see results but what happens when you stop taking the ‘miracle pill’ or finish the ‘liquid diet’? You will pile it all back on again… plus more. 
A close family member of mine participated in such a ‘liquid diet’ which is advertised in pharmacies across the country, in the hand of a slim size 8 model with a healthy glow and huge smile. 

Evidently the model didn’t do the diet herself. Instead of having the huge high watt smile, the mentioned family member was constantly moody and would throw massive tantrums at the sight of a chocolate bar. 

The ‘healthy glow’ in the ad was contrasted with her dull, yellowish complexion and hair loss… it effectively is glorified starvation. 

Although she reached her goal of three stone weight loss in almost as many weeks, she piled it all back on… and more.

 It wasn’t that she didn’t stick to the ‘aftercare’ diet, she ate fruit and low-fat food, her body just clung to every morsel that she put into her mouth for fear she would submit it to such starvation again. 

Now said person has been converted to a sensible weight-loss programme by joining a slimming class and embarking on an exercise regime and has lost 3 stone. 

Although it took her longer to lose the same amount of weight, gone are the mood swings and ill complexion; now she has her own ‘glow’ that would rival the ‘liquid diet’ model’s.
Although we sometimes lack the willpower to lose weight and get fit, time is the key. As long as you pick yourself up and learn from your mistakes then you can be where you want to be.

Health and fitness is an education and no ‘quick weight loss’ plaster is going to heal a lifetime of bad choices. 

Next time you find yourself saying, ‘I want to lose weight’, change it into be something productive; imagine yourself in 6 months as opposed to a month and you will feel such satisfaction when you reach your goal, knowing that you have achieved it through hard work and perseverance. 

When you get disheartened and the ‘liquid-diet’ model’s figure is tempting you to the dark side, remember the wise words of a modern guru, ‘Fitness - If it came in a bottle, everybody would have a good body’ – Cher.         

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