Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Is the Media Helping?

As I scan the pages of Style magazine I come across the cutting opinion pages of top fashionistas and every well-manicured word that drips from their mouths is accepted by us mere mortals as gospel truth as they pit the latest fashions against each other in the ‘What’s Hot and What’s Not Barometer.’ 

As we crave to fit in with society, these barometers are our lifeline, saving us from the shame and disgrace of fashion faux pas. 
However, gone are the deep analysis of the wedge shoe and the recoiling of horror at the reappraisal of the all in one satin jumpsuit.

It seems that these ‘fashion gurus’, who have immense influence on their readers, have extended their criticism to what is under the clothes; us and our bodies.

Second to the unforgiving, unflattering ‘IT’ cut-out swimsuit that topped the list of what is HOT column this week was the new camera that makes you drop a dress size by instantly airbrushing your holiday snaps.

Praised as the best thing since gluten-free bread, this innovative piece of technology will save you months of hard work at the gym and gives you the green light to knock back all the cider you wish when on your hols… or does it?

This new piece of ‘genius’ just feeds on women’s desire to feel better about themselves without the effort that is needed to achieve just that.

The only thing that it achieves, however, is a head in the sand approach. It might make you feel good for that split moment when browsing through your photos when back in the dreary homeland but YOU will know that it is all an illusion.

But how would you feel if it wasn’t an illusion? If it was reality?
The flattering holiday snaps may be great to show to the family and friends but when you are on holiday you are still going to feel that dread as you unpack that itsy bitsy bikini.

Holidays are meant to be enjoyed, not holiday pics; give yourself that boost of self-confidence the old-fashioned way, by working to drop that dress size yourself, so you can walk with your head held high as you walk down the beach not just when someone shouts “cheese!”.

Six weeks before you hit the beach, embark on your bikini mission and blitz that body.

A healthy diet and exercise regime will help you achieve that ‘one size smaller’ look without the price tag of an expensive camera and you will take home a figure to be proud of.

So… spend that money that you saved on the ‘nifty technology’ on a relaxing massage from a sexy Turk and a slinky new dress for your slinky new shape. 

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